Scott is the standard for other Lawyers!

From the moment I called Scott’s office I was treated with Respect and Dignity. His legal assistant, Anita is professional, kind, courteous, respectful, accommodating, and FAST!!! My case was handled with the upmost of care. I felt as if I was Scott’s priority. If you feel like no one is on your side. CALL SCOTT!!!

C. Lewis, a Criminal Defense client

Extremely professional!

Scott is extremely professional, helpful, and knows the law like no other. His counsel has proven invaluable over the last five years. He knows when to be aggressive and when the situation calls for some ‘nuance’. I’m just glad he’s on my side!

a Criminal Defense client

Positive outcome!

Scott was fair and I felt worked on my behalf for an outcome that I could accept.

a Criminal Defense client

Reckless Driving

I got a speeding ticket and a citation for reckless driving, a gross misdemeanor with possible jail time of up to 1 year and fine of up to $5,000, in Washington State. Scott was a real professional and showed confidence during the entire procedure. Thanks to his help and support, the reckless driving charge was dismissed. He saved my time and money as well as mandatory court appearance was all waived.

a Criminal Defense client

Scott is the best of the best!

When you find yourself in a situation you never thought you would be in, it is so very important to find an attorney who is compassionate, understanding and experienced, but can also fight for you and guide you through the pitfalls that face you. Scott has been amazing, and his experience made a bad situation turn out okay. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this man. He really is the best of the best.

a Criminal Defense client